Concerts And Events
"Enlightened Piano" concerts are inspiring, encouraging and uplifting.  What better way to have a night out with friends and family than to be a part of one of these events-listening, laughing, spending time with the artists and even meeting/chatting with them after the show!  

Concerts can be performed solo piano or piano ensemble, one piano artist or up to four, and in a wide array of venues.  We can perform concerts in the home, church concerts, concert halls, retail piano stores, you name it!  And the best part:  Should you ever decide to host a concert in your area, the risk, on your part, is very minimal.  All we ask is that you try to sell a certain number of tickets to the show to cover our costs.  We'll even send you the promotional materials:  It's that easy!  

For information on hosting an "Enlightened Piano" event, please send a request to the following email:  or contact Donovan Johnson at (402)-616-1794.  We look forward to seeing you very soon!


EPR Presents 
Rada Neal and Lynn Yew Evers
Friday March 2nd, 5-7pm
Encinitas Public Library, Encinitas CA

EPR Presents
Rada Neal and Lynn Yew Evers
Saturday March 3rd, 4-6
Pacific Beach Public Library
San Diego CA

EPR Presents
Lynn Yew Evers and Heidi Breyer
March, 2018

Enlightened Piano Radio 
Annual Awards Concert and Ceremony
Wednesday, October 3rd
Berlin Philharmonie
Berlin, Germany

Stay tuned, 
we're booking more events all the time!

"Our world is busy enough.  Listen to music that will restore you!"