We're proud to have some of the finest pianists in the world broadcasting on our station!  And we're always looking for more talent and enthusiasm.

Perhaps you're a pianist yourself.  If you have a recording, and are interested in becoming part of the "Enlightened Piano" network, contact us.  We'd love to hear your work, and consider you as a member of our co-op!  If we really like your compositions, we may even feature you on our website!  Inclusion in the "Enlightened Piano" network would also make you eligible to perform with us in our annual events!

Contact:  Cathyoakes
Email:  cathyroakes@hotmail.com

Please, physical CD submissions only.

Enlightened Piano Artist Network

Aaron Barber
Adam Andrews
Alan Storeygard
Alexi Musnitsky
Alex Rogalski
Amy Lauren
Amy Skjei
Andrea Baroni
Andrew Shapiro
Angelo Rapan
Anastasia Berzhanin
Ann Sweeten
Annie Locke
Attila Gibson  
Barb Polomsky
Ben Dowling
Bill Whitfield
Brad Jacobsen
Brenda Warren
Brian Golden
Brian Hagen
Brian Kelly
Carol Comune
Christoph Delvalle'
Carolyn Southworth   
Catherine Marie Charlton 
Cathy Oakes   
Charles Denler
Christine Brown
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Clifford Borg
Cory Lavine
Dan Kennedy 
Danny Wright
Darla Bower
Daniel Cooper
Dave Lewis
Dave McGuirk
David Franklin
David Hicken
David Hollandsworth
David's Pianosound
David Tolk
Deborah Offenhauser
Denise Young
Donovan Johnson
Doug Hammer
Eamonn Karran
Elise Lebec
Eric Bikales
Fiona Joy
Gary Girouard
Gary Schmidt
Gina Lenee
Greg Maroney
Greg Starr
Heidi Breyer
Igor Longhi
Iris Litchfield
James Woolwine
Janice Lacy
Jeff Bjorck
Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer DeFrayne
Jeremy Weinglass
Jesse Brown
Jill Haley
Jim Gabriel
J.M. Quintana Camara
Joe Heinemann
Joel Asher
Joey Curtin
John Albert Thomas
John Burke
John Otott
John Paris
John Pitts
Jon Dahlander
Jose Luis Altamirano
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Kai Miano
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Featured Artist For The Month Of
Brian Hagen
"Our world is busy enough.  Listen to music that will restore you!"

Brian Hagen is a versatile and highly experienced keyboard performer, improviser, composer, and arranger. While earning an undergraduate degree in music, he studied composition with Dr. Roque Cordero, who had studied with Igor Stravinsky. During this time, he became inspired by such keyboard legends as jazz piano greats Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson, and Bill Evans, along such classical piano greats as Vladimir Horowitz and Artur Rubinstein.
Since then, Mr. Hagen continues to expand his diverse styles of interpreting existing works, along with a highly individualized style of composing and arranging.

Mr. Hagen's performances specialize in the reinterpetration of great works originally created by others. As he puts it, "I take inspiration from wherever and whatever is true to my heart". Old or new, familiar or obscure, if the source is inspiring, it will serve well. This adaptation of the methods used by the legendary Art Tatum is the prime driving element of Mr. Hagen's development methods. 

Mr. Hagen's performance venues have also included onstage piano accompaniment of improvisational theater performers. In particular, he was a member of the renowned Ark Improvisational Group of Madison, Wisconsin, which was an exciting proving ground for this esoteric combination of musical and theatrical performances. The group has spawned such theater improvisers as Joan Cusack, Bonnie Hunt, and Chris Farley,