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"Our world is busy enough.  Listen to music that will restore you!"
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​Welcome to our station.  Welcome to our co-op.
Congratulations to the 2015 EPR Award Winners 
at our Carnegie Hall debut!

Jennifer Thomas; Best Album With Instrumentation (Illumination)
John Paris; Best Piano Jazz Album (Piano Jazz My Way)
Michael Dulin; Best Solo Piano Album (My Beloved)
Greg Maroney; Album Of The Year (Coming Home)

Spend your Valentines Weekend with EPR!

Our debut 2016 concert will be at Joslyn Museum in Omaha NE, on Saturday February 13th at 7pm.  
The performance will be held in Abbott Hall. 

Louis Colaiannia (Denver CO) and Cathy Oakes (Columbia TN) and Donovan Johnson (Omaha NE)
are included in this lineup.

Come celebrate with us, drag or stag!

Tickets are only $15.  
Get 'em while they last! Purchase them here: